Lab Benchtop Automatic Film Coater with Vacuum for Battery research

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MSE Supplies offers a benchtop automatic film coater with vacuum aluminum chuck, designed to produce films with consistent thickness by using micrometer adjustable applicators or fixed thickness applicators. It has a unique driving system to ensure smooth coating on all types of substrates. The flat vacuum chuck with vacuum pump can hold substrate sheet firmly, which is particularly useful when coating on thin and soft substrate. One micrometer adjustable film applicator is included for immediate use. This film coater is widely used for ceramic tape castings and Li-Ion battery electrode coating. 

    MSE Supplies is a US-based leading supplier of battery research materials and equipment with thousands of customers worldwide. 

    About Gelon

    Founded in 2003, Gelon is one of world leading battery material and equipment manufacturers. Gelon can provide turn-key projects for lab scale, pilot-line and mass production scale. MSE Supplies is the exclusive distributor of Gelon in U.S. 

      Voltage 110V or 220V
      Coating Speed 10~100mm/s
      Coating area Standard 100mm. Customizable from 100mm to 300mm
      Blade Adjustable Thickness 0.01~3.5mm
      Stroke Length Standard 300mm. Customizable up to 1000mm
      Vacuum Plate Aluminum plate with vacuum holes
      Vacuum Pump Oil-less vacuum pump included
      Heating Capability Options

      No heating

      Top heating

      Bottom heating

      Top and bottom heating

      Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime product support 
      Note Clean the blade and vacuum plate after each use

      If you name MSE Supplies in your published journal paper or conference abstract, we can offer an one-time 5% discount toward your next purchase.

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