8x10 cm MetaPurex Close Pore Ceramic Film

  • $ 54000

A Description of Nanopec's 10x10 cm MetaPurex Close Pore Film: 

MetaPurexTM nano-porous aluminum oxide is a highly ordered (hexagonal closed-pack), through straight pore, ceramic thin film produced by Nanopec's proprietary process.  In addition to achieving this level of order Nanopec production does not use toxic chemicals, such as ethylene glycol or Chromium VI (Cr+6) throughout its production, which guarantees safety in biotech applications.


Features of Nanopec's MetaPurex Close Pore Film

    • Type: close pore ceramic film
    • Film Thickness: 50 μm thick
    • Material: transparent Ceramic
    • Order: hexagonal close pack
    • Pore size: 60 nm; inter-pore distance 40 nm

    Refractive index of MetaPurex

    Refractive index follows the equation below:
    n = -0.0121*R+ 1.8 where 1.8 is the value of the ceramic film without nano-pores and R is the pore radius in nanometers as produced by Nanopec.  For 60 nm the refractive index value is n=1.437.

    Self-organizing Ceramic Films

    • Nanopec has pioneered the creation of sub-pico liter nano-containers made of chemically strong (acidic conditions), temperature resistant ceramics. 
    • Our synthesis methods are proprietary and state-of-the-art with full control over all design variables.  
    • The common feature is the hexagonal closed pack (honey-comb) ordered symmetry of the nano-pores. 
    • We use high purity materials (99.9995) and detail control of synthesis variables to achieve high order and organization. 
    • Thickness, pore size, and inter-pore distance can all be controlled.  Some typical values are shown below, but we are also capable of exploring smaller and larger pore sizes.

    Substrates: MetaPurexTM is offered in various presentations.  Through pore contains no additional materials.  Closed pores are of several types a) ceramic bottom (identical material as pore walls), b) aluminum film bottom, c) glass, d) Silicon wafer.   For special applications, we may add PDMS double-sided adhesive, but in most circumstances, the nano-pore nature of our films is self-adherent (at common atmospheric pressures).

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