Nano-Porous Ceramic Films


MetaPurex™ Nano-Porous Ceramic Film Nanopec MetaPurex™ Ceramic Films MetaPurex™ Ceramic FilmsNanopec

MetaPurex™ is a highly ordered (hexagonal closed-pack), optically transparent, straight pore, ceramic thin film produced by NANOPEC's proprietary process. In addition to achieving this level of order, NANOPEC production does not use toxic chemicals, such as ethylene glycol or Chromium VI (Cr+6) throughout its production, which guarantees safety in user-handling and biotech applications.

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Similarly priced commercial aluminum oxide films lack the degree of order and narrow pore shape achieved through NANOPEC low temperature process.  For a limited time we are offering volume and introductory promotional discounts with Promo Code nanopecpromo. Order today! Offer expires after April 30, 2019.

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