Nano-Porous Ceramic Films

Description of MetaPurexTM Nano-Porous Ceramic Films

MetaPurexTM is a highly ordered (hexagonal closed-pack), optically transparent, straight pore, ceramic thin film produced by NANOPEC's proprietary process. In addition to achieving this level of order, NANOPEC production does not use toxic chemicals, such as ethylene glycol or Chromium VI (Cr+6) throughout its production, which guarantees safety in user-handling and biotech applications.

Typical applications of MetaPurex include:

1. Ultra-filtration: capable of eliminating all bacteria, including mycoplasma and most common viruses above 60 nm in diameter.

2. Tissue Engineering: in cell-culture the optimized nano-pores in  MetaPurexTM serve as anchoring points for cell philopodia, promoting adhesion and faster differentiation. Up to 30% faster differentiation and growth has been observed.

3. Nano-template fabrication: a perfect template for fabricating nano-wires, nano-rods, nanotubes, including goldcarbon and silicon.

 4. Photonics: MetaPurexTM has tunable refractive index properties, from 1.8 to 1.0, which makes is an ideal medium to generate photonic components.  Information processing in photonics is currently handled by artificial structures known as photonic crystals  The functionality of these structures depends on the periodic variation in refractive index, which results in photonic band gap in the structure at a frequency range.  Multiple layers of alternating MetaPurexTM films with varying refractive index, or by periodic variation of some characteristic (such as thickness or pore diameter) can lead to dielectric waveguides and distributed Bragg reflectors (DBR). 

 5. Nano-containers are containers that can hold material volumes (solid, liquids, gels) on the order of a few nano-liters. In extreme cases, these containers can hold pico-liters or less. These have multiple applications, from bio-capsules for islet isolation (liver, renal, pancreas) to nano-reactors for production of chemical libraries, medical diagnostics, drug delivery or new genomic sequencing (NGS) containers for massively parallel sequencing of RNA and DNA.

6. Fuel cells: the nano-pores in MetaPurexTM can easily be filled with Nafion proton ion conductor membrane. Given the size of the pores (50-60 nm), the water micro-channels generated in MetaPurex nano-pores are more stable and numerous than in unsupported Nafion 1135, 115 or 117 proton exchange membrane.

Similarly priced commercial aluminum oxide films lack the degree of order and narrow pore shape achieved through NANOPEC low temperature process.  We offer volume and introductory promotional discounts.