Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Single Crystal Substrates

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YSZ is widely used as an oxide crystal substrate for the epitaxial growth of thin films. Both standard and custom-made products are available from MSE Supplies. Please contact us to request special sizes.

Main Parameters of YSZ crystal substrates
Material 8 mol.% Y2O3 stabilized ZrO2, YSZ (yttria-stabilized zirconia), 8YSZ
Crystal structure
Face Centered Cubic (FCC), CaF2 type fluorite
Unit cell constant
a = 5.125 A
Melt point (degree C)
Density (g/cm3)
8 - 8.5 Mohs
Thermal expansion (/K)
10.3 x 10-6
Dielectric constant (@ 1MHz)
Tangent loss 0.0054
Growth method
Skull melting, cold crucible method
5x5, 10x5, 10x10, 25.4x25.4, 50.8x50.8 mm
1 inch diameter, 2 inch diameter, 3 inch diameter, other sizes are available upon request
0.5 mm or 1.0 mm or customized
Surface polishing
Single or double side polished (epi-ready CMP)
Crystal orientation
(100), (110), (111), +/- 0.5 degree
Surface roughness, Ra:
< 0.5 nm (5 um x 5 um area)
sealed in class 100 clean bags 



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First published: 23 September 2003

Highly electrically conductive indiumtinoxide thin films epitaxially grown on yttria-stabilized zirconia (100) by pulsed-laser deposition
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