Diamond Cutting Wheels for ULTILE Precision Glass and Wafer Cutters

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Product Descriptions

Diamond Cutting Wheels Options for ULTILE Precision Glass and Wafer Cutters

There are four different Diamond cutting wheels available for use on harder materials (such as sapphire, YSZ, etc.) ranging from 0.15 mm to 3.0 mm in thickness. Four different Carbide cutting wheels are also available to handle standard materials from 0.15 mm up to 3 mm in thickness.

These cutting wheels are ordered together with new cutters or as replacement cutting wheels.

The ULTILE Precision Glass and Wafer Cutters are the highest precision lab scale glass and wafer cutters that provide the best possible edge quality after cutting. These glass and wafer cutting tools have an ergonomic design for the ease-of-use for the users to quickly and easily cut larger size glass, crystal substrates and semiconductor wafers into smaller pieces. The cutters can be equipped with either a carbide or diamond cutting wheel. Technically they are not cutters¨«, but rather they scribe the material and allow the user to make a clean break along the scribe line. The ULTILE Precision Glass and Wafer Cutters feature an ergonomic design with an adjustable pressure dial, which allows for consistent scribing with every pass, with no pressure needed from the user during scribing.

Typical materials that can be cut with the ULTILE Precision Glass and Wafer Cutters include:
Transparent Conductive Oxide Coated Glass (such as ITO glass, FTO glass and AZO glass)
Quartz (such as fused quartz, quartz wafers, plates, slides, and coverslips)
Silicon wafers
Sapphire wafers and substrates
Other crystal substrates and wafers (A to Z)

Materials can normally be cut into pieces as small as 3cm x 3cm, but the minimum size is determined by the thickness of the material. Thinner materials, such as coverslips and silicon wafers can be cut to less than 5mm x 5mm in size with a little practice. This allows users to create their own custom size substrates to meet their specific device design requirements.

Operation is simple and repeatable:
1) Adjust the height of the wheel based on the thickness of the material being cut.
2) Set the proper pressure between 1 and 50 N
3) Align substrate material along the integrated scale to achieve the desired size
4) Use the optional magnetic holder to secure the material in place
5) Pull back on the scribing handle to create the scribing mark
6) Achieve a perfect cleave along the scribing mark either by hand or by using a pair of glass breaking pliers.

Magnetic clamps are also available to securely hold substrates in place for cutting.

The ULTILE Precision Glass and Wafer Cutters are available in five sizes to accommodate a wide range of sample sizes: 100 mm (4 inch), 200 mm (8 inch), 300 mm (12 inch), 400 mm (16 inch), and 500 mm (20 inch).