Praseodymium Metal and Compounds

Praseodymium, Pr

Atomic No.: 59,

M.W.: 140.91 g/mole


Praseodymium is like other typical trivalent REE, though it exhibits a +4 valence state when stabilized in a zirconia. The element co-exists in most light REE derivatives.

Praseodymium is an important bright yellow pigment in ceramics due to its optimum reflectance around peak of 560 nm.

Research has been done for praseodymium doping in fluoride fibers for optical properties used in amplification of telecommunication systems.

Its other optical applications include:

a. motion picture industry for studio lighting and projector lights due to the fact that its fluoride forms the core of carbon arc lights.

b. It is also used in the scintillator for medical CAT scans.

Further more, high-strength metals can be formed for aircraft engine application by alloying praseodymium with magnesium .

Doping praseodymium into glasses and enamels can yield a yellow color.