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What Are Coated Glass and Glass Substrates?

Coated glass is an advanced material treated with a specialized layer to enhance its functional properties. This layer, often comprising Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCO) or other materials, imbues the glass with electrical conductivity (and other unique characteristics) while maintaining its transparency. Glass substrates, however, are thin slices or sheets of glass that serve as the foundation for the application of these coatings and are critical in industries ranging from electronics to biomedicine.

Types of Coated Glass and Glass Substrates

Coated glass and glass substrates come in several types, each tailored to specific applications and needs. Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coated glass is popular for its excellent electrical conductivity and transparency. ITO is also present on PET film substrates. Aluminum-doped zinc (AZO) coated glass is often considered an affordable alternative to ITO. Fluorine Doped Tin Oxide (FTO) coated glass is known for its atmospheric stability, high-temperature resistance and chemical inertness.

At MSE Supplies, we carry all of the above types of coated glass, as well as crystals and substrates for various applications and uncoated glass substrates. Uncoated glass can be an excellent option when other coatings may cause unwanted interactions for your applications or you want the freedom to customize your coating based on your goals.

Benefits of Glass Substrates

Glass offers superior physical, mechanical and optical properties that make them ideal for various applications. With a coating, these advantages are only emphasized further. Major benefits include:

  • Smoothness: Glass offers smoothness. This property is ideal for electrical applications to create strong conductivity between chips.
  • Flexibility: Glass substrates take various coatings well, offering opportunities for other mechanical and physical properties, like temperature resistance and electrical conductivity. Given this flexibility, sheets of uncoated glass can work for multiple projects when appropriately treated.
  • No moisture absorption: In sensitive electronic applications, preventing moisture in a system is paramount. Glass will not absorb moisture, ensuring that electrical parts remain functional.
  • Dielectric insulation: When electrical flow needs to be controlled, dielectric insulation prevents current flow where it's unwanted. Glass substrates can play this role.
  • Low thermal conductivity: In many electrical applications, managing hot spots is essential to the function of a final product. Glass offers low thermal conductivity to prevent heat from transferring to other areas.
  • Thickness variety: You can find glass substrates in many thicknesses, and your choice can affect the material's properties. This flexibility makes glass useful for fine applications like printed circuit boards and large applications such as energy-efficient windows.

What Applications Are Coated Glass and Glass Substrates Used for?

Coated glass and glass substrates are pivotal in renewable energy and electronics industries. ITO-coated glass is essential for LCD displays, touch panel screens and energy-saving windows. When on PET film, its flexibility expands its application to flexible displays and bendable electronics or flex circuits. AZO-coated glass is used widely for solar cells, sensors and electronic displays. FTO-coated glass imparts environmental stability and resilience to high-performance applications like thin-film photovoltaics, smart windows and electrochemical devices. Glass substrates are critical in fabricating integrated circuits and semiconductor devices. They are also indispensable as slides in microscopy and diagnostic assays.

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