Lutetium Metal and Compounds

Lutetium, Lu

Atomic No.: 71

Molecular Weight: 174.97 g/mole


Lutetium located in the end of the rare earth series. Due to Coulombic forces, its metallic radius is the smallest among REEs. 

It has very low magnetic moment.

Lutetium is one of the most rare Lanthanides due to low natural abundance.

The primary application of Lutetium is as catalyst in refining petroleum, polymerization and hydrogenation processes. They can also be used in LED technology and computer memory devices

Lutetium based Lutetium Tantalate (LuTaO4) is the ideal host for x-ray phosphors because it is the densest known white material.  In thin film study, Lu is also a dopant in adjusting the lattice parameters of certain substrate garnet crystals, such as Indium-Gallium-Garnet (IGG) crystals, . 

Researches has been done to use lutetium for possible cancer treatment.