Ampcera LISICON LAGP Solid-State Electrolyte Membrane 19mm diameter 200um thickness,  MSE Supplies LLC

Ampcera LISICON LAGP Solid-State Electrolyte Membrane 19mm diameter 200um thickness

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200um thick, 19mm diameter Ampcera LISICON (Lithium-ion Superionic Conductor) LAGP membrane materials are used as solid state electrolytes or separators in advanced lithium batteries and other electrochemical devices.

The unique properties of Ampcera LISICON LAGP membrane solid state electrolyte materials make them ideal choices for all solid state lithium batteries, advanced Lithium-Sulfur, Lithium-Air, Lithium-Water batteries, etc.

Size (Diameter: 19 mm, Thickness: 200 +/- 10 um). This size is suitable for CR2032 button cell testing. In stock, fast shipment.

Surface: both sides are polished

Lithium ion conductivity: 3.5x10-4 S/cm at room temperature and stable in air. This conductivity performance is comparable to the Lithium-Ion Conducting Glass-Ceramics (LICGC) products manufactured by Ohara Corporation, which only reported lithium ion conductivity of <4x10-4 S/cm at room temperature.

Relative Density: >96%

Bulk Density: 3.3 g/cm^3

Flexural strength: >100 MPa

Main crystalline phase: Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5P3O12 (LAGP) or Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5(PO4)3 (LAGP), Lithium aluminum germanium phosphate. Small amount of proprietary dopants are present.

LAGP is superior to LATP because of the better electrochemical stability of the LAGP.

Primary crystal structure: NASICON type crystals

Applications: Lithiumair battery, Lithiumsulfur battery, solid state batteries, and other electrochemical devices.

* All solid state electrolyte materials sold by MSE Supplies are under the trademark of Ampcera.


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