2 inch Undoped N-Type GaN 20 um Gallium Nitride Template on Sapphire (0001),  MSE Supplies LLC

2 inch Undoped N-Type GaN 20 um Gallium Nitride Template on Sapphire (0001)

  • $ 39500

Qty (pieces) Price (per piece)
1 - 1 $ 395.00
2 - 10 $ 379.00
11 - 11+ $ 369.00

2 inch high quality GaN Templates on Sapphire (0001), N-type (undoped), GaN 20 microns
  • Conductivity type: N-Type (undoped)
  • Dimension: 50.8 +/- 0.1 mm (2 inch diameter)
  • GaN Thickness: 20 +/- 2 um
  • Useable area: >90%
  • Orientation: C plane (0001) +/- 0.5 deg
  • Orientation Flat: (1-100) +/- 0.5 deg, 16.0 +/- 1.0 mm
  • Secondary Orientation flat: (11-20) +/- 3 deg, 8.0 +/- 1.0 mm
  • Total Thickness Variation: <15 um
  • Carrier Concentration: < 5x1017 cm-3
  • Resistivity (300K): < 0.5 deg/cm
  • Dislocation Density: < 5x10^8 cm^-2
  • Polishing: single side polished (SSP), double side polish is available per request.
  • Package: packaged in a class 100 clean room environment, in cassettes of 25 pcs or single wafer containers, under nitrogen atmosphere.
Related References
1. Cathodoluminescence study of undoped GaN films: Experiment and calculation.


In this paper, we report the theoretical and experimental results of cathodoluminescence (CL) from GaN layers grown at 800°C by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) on silicon substrate. The CL spectra recorded at room temperature reveal the near band-edge emission at 3.35-3.42 eV and a broad yellow luminescence at 2.2 eV. The CL depth analysis at constant power excitation shows inhomogeneous CL distribution in depth of these emissions as the electron beam increases from 3 to 25 keV. There appears a blue shift of the CL band-edge peaks with increasing sample depth. This behavior is explained by a change of the fundamental band gap due to residual strain and the local temperature rise under high electron beam excitation. The simulation of the CL excitation and intensity is developed using a consistent two-dimensional (2-D) model based on the electron beam energy dissipation and taking into account the effects of carrier diffusion, internal absorption and the recombination processes in GaN. The influence of electron beam local heating and respective strain effects on the CL signal are also discussed. A comparative study between experimental and simulated CL spectra at room temperature was performed.