Gadolinium Metal and Compounds, Gd

Gadolinium, Gd

Atomic No.: 64

Molecular Weight:157.25 g/mole


Gadolinium is favored for its high magnetic moment (7.94uB) and luminescent effect.

Mixed with EDTA dopants, gadolinium is injectable for patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to enhance contrast. Its high magnetic moment reduces relaxation time and therefore strengthen the  signal/noise quality.

In metallurgy, gadolinium can improve the workability and high-temperatures oxidation resistance properties of iron, chromium and related alloys even just with as little as 1% doping.

Gadolinium compounds are also dopant of making green phosphors for color TV tubes.

Gadolinium is also critical dopant for Gadolinium Yttrium Garnet (YAG) (Gd:Y3Al5O12) laser materials.

Gd can also act a useful dopant for thin film titanate dielectric materials for microwave applications.

They can also be found in many substrate materials for magneto-optical films as well as various optical components.