Solid Electrolyte Materials

Ampcera™ solid electrolyte materials are used in all-solid-state Lithium batteries and other advanced lithium batteries.  Compared to liquid electrolytes, batteries made with solid electrolyte have the advantages of higher energy density (~2X), better safety, and long term stability. Commonly studied solid electrolyte materials include sulfide compounds (e.g. Argyrodite, LGPS, LPS, etc.), garnet structure oxides (e.g. LLZO with various dopants), NASICON-type phosphate glass ceramics (LAGP), oxynitrides (e.g. lithium phosphorus oxynitride or LIPON), and polymers (PEO).  The lithium ionic conductivity of the inorganic solid electrolyte materials ranges from 10−4 S/cm  up to 10−2 S/cm at room temperature. MSE Supplies also offers sodium beta alumina solid electrolyte powder. 

Because of the high ionic conductivity and stable quality, Ampcera™ solid state electrolyte materials have been used by many well-known companies and research labs worldwide for the development and manufacturing of advanced lithium batteries.  Both standard and customized solid electrolyte materials are offered to meet customer's specific requirements for R&D and production.  Products can be ordered as little as a few grams or as much as 100 kg with consistent quality.  

Order your solid state battery materials today or discuss with our materials scientists about your specific project needs. 

Ampcera<sup>TM</sup> LLZO Nano-Powder Cubic Phase Ga-Doped Lithium Lanthanum Zirconate Garnet, 300-500nm,  MSE Supplies LLC

AmpceraTM LLZO Nano-Powder Cubic Phase Ga-Doped Lithium Lanthanum Zirconate Garnet, 300-500nm

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