Dysprosium Metal and Compounds

Dysprosium (Dy)

Atomic No.: 66

M.W.: 162.50 g/mole


Dysprosium is the most commonly used as in high strength permanent magnet material, neodymium-iron-boron system. While it has one of the highest magnetic moments among all REE (10.6uB), it has not resulted in an ability to perform on its own as a practical alternative to Neodymium compositions.It is however now an essential additive in NdFeB production.

It is also used as dopant in special ferroelectric ceramic compositions based on BaTiO3 formulations.

Dysprosium is used, in conjunction with Vanadium and other elements, in making laser materials and commercial lighting.

Nanofibers made of dysprosium compounds have high strength and large surface area. Therefore, they can be used to reinforce other materials and as a catalyst.

Recent research has examined the use of dysprosium in dysprosium-iron-garnet (DyFeG) and silicon implanted with dysprosium and holmium to form donor centers.