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MSE Supplies is a trusted partner globally in helping to enable innovations.  We have supplied materials, equipment, and lab supplies to over 2000 research laboratories and companies worldwide.  We are a U.S. based supplier helping the advancement of research in fields such as materials science, photovoltaics, energy storage, semiconductors, photonics, biomedical research, and basic science research, to name a few. 

In this article, we highlight recent research work using our products that have been presented in peer reviewed journals.

(Figure (A) Scheme of Cu3VSe4 based three-electrodes photoelectrochemical cell. (B) Current-voltage (JV) curve of the CVSe thin film in KCl aqueous solution; insert graph is photocurrent response of the Cu3VSe4 thin film in KCl aqueous solution at -550 mV.)

Researchers at the Dept. of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Florida International University purchased FTO Soda Lime glass substrates from MSE Supplies to deposit a thin film of Cu3VSe4 nanocrystals to study the potential photovoltaic properties of the material. 

The authors state that Cu3VSe4 nanocrystals on FTO soda lime glass exhibits a p-type semiconductor nature and a great potential in photovoltaics.  This potential comes from Cu3VSe4 having three distinct absorption bands, which were observed in the UV-Vis-NIR spectra.  One of these absorption bands is an intermediate band gap.  Semiconductors with an intermediate band can reduce the loss of incomplete photon absorptions.  This is achieved by absorbing energies below the bandgap energy through two optical transitions from the valence to the intermediate band and from intermediate to the conduction band, resulting in enhanced conversion efficiency.

 Reference: Liu M., Lai C-Y, Selopal G.S., Radu D.R. Synthesis and optoelectronic properties of Cu3VSe4 nanocrystals. PLoS ONE 15(5): e0232184, (2020).


This is just a one of our many transparent conductive oxide (TCO) substrate products.  In addition to FTO, we also carry many ITO substrates. We look forward to working with you and supporting your successful research projects.


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